Earth Theme

Earth Theme

The whole world in your hand


  • Striking background image
  • Neat time and date display


  • Not enough new themed icons


Every wished you could grab hold of the whole world and shake it about a bit? Well, now you can, thanks to the Earth Theme.

This free Nokia theme adds an imposing background wallpaper to your home screen, featuring an image of the Earth taken from Space, in front of a plain black backdrop. Earth Theme also adds new icons to your shortcut bar and transforms the time and date bar by adding a large, easy-to-read clock and applying a stylish gray highlight to the bar.

Earth Theme also includes a few new menu icons that appear in the applications menu and various settings menus. It would have been nice if there were a few more icons, and also if they were designed to better suit the Earth Theme.

It's not the most radical skin ever, but the Earth Theme presents a striking way to pay homage to our planet on your phone.

Earth Theme


Earth Theme

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